HANGLOOSE HAMMOCKS HAWAII  -                                       & Choke Kine Gifts
- Check that your fixture points are strong! Use a rope between the fixture point and the eye of the hammock. The longer the rope, the nicer it swings.

- I personally drilled anchor bolts above the door and above a window,  the header boards as too avoid drilling into a stud.
- Don’t hang the eye of the hammock on a fixed hook (e.g. in the wall) as this causes friction on the eye. Use rope, extra hooks, or carabineers in between to avoid this problem, or fortify the eye with a metal eye.
- The usage of S hooks or climbing hooks (carabineers) in combination with some rope make it easy to hang and remove your hammock.
1.   Hang both eyes of the hammock at the same height so your hammock hangs level. Hang it far enough of the floor.
2.   Don’t hang it too tight, give it some banana shape so it can stretch wide enough. Normal hanging length is between 9ft.-10.5ft.

3.   Make sure the scale lines are not tangled up. To prevent this, always hold the hammock by the eyes and tie a small rope around the scale lines when storing your hammock. In case the lines are entangled, it is best is to spread the hammock out a bit so that you can see better how to untwist it by moving the eye trough the scale lines.